[GeoNode-devel] Updating layer title, publishing date from remote script?

Bruce Crevensten becrevensten at alaska.edu
Wed Nov 4 14:57:01 PST 2015

Hi, I'm working on an application that uses GeoNode to manage geospatial
information, and I need to set up a routine that replaces layer content on
a daily basis.

I can use the manage.py utility to update the underlying data source,
apparently with no problems.  I forked & made a small change to the
layers/management/commands/importlayers.py & layers/utils.py script to
allow an explicit layer --name to be provided so we have a constant slug to
use for updating the layer (otherwise, we get new layers for every changed


(I'll work that into a candidate PR once I have all the functionality I
want working).

I'd also like to be able to change the layer's title (both in the catalog
of layers as well as on any layers being used in maps) and publishing date
to reflect the changing date of the data.  From what I can tell, the code
isn't updating the title at all, and I'm not clear if this is expected
behavior (when updating an existing layer & overwrite = true, the title
isn't updated) or if perhaps I've unwittingly broken something.

Related, I'm unclear as to how to change the title of a mapLayer.  Doesn't
look like the API currently supports this, or that there are any existing
management tools to do it.  I know the mapLayer takes its title from the
title of the Layer upon creation, but subsequent updating seems to be done
via GeoExplorer.  Any suggestions on how I may want to approach this?


*Bruce Crevensten*

*Senior Software Engineer*
(SNAP) Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning
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