[GeoNode-devel] [GeoNode-users] GeoNode 2015 Fall Sprint in Turin - Agenda

Jeffrey Johnson ortelius at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 06:45:04 PST 2015

Thanks Paolo.

I think we may move the presentations on future work toward the end of
the week in New Orleans as we have a few people that will only come
thurs/fri and we want to be sure to include them.

Should we shoot for about 9:30am/4:30pm for the hangout every day?

Also, maybe its a good idea to add a new column to that spreadsheet
and collect the list of people who want to make a presentation about
their project and/or future work. I'll add mine there in a new column
and anyone else who is interested to present please do the same.

I'll let Clarence or one of the other Boundless guys follow up with
more specifics in NOLA.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 1:59 AM, Paolo Pasquali
<paolo.pasquali at ithaca.polito.it> wrote:
> Dear GeoNode debs and users,
> ITHACA is hosting a GeoNode Code Sprint in Turin from November 17th to 20th.
> The sprint will begin on Tuesday 17 November with presentations on GeoNode
> projects (who is doing what with GeoNode and going to do).
> Following the kickoff, the code sprint will kick into action (Tuesday,
> Wednesday, Thursday) with work on specific projects, modules, bug fixing,
> docs, and website. Everyone can help by giving suggestions, writing
> documentation, fixing bugs or contributing to feature development. A primary
> goal will be the 2.4 release.
> The sprint will conclude on Friday with an open discussion with the goal of
> come out with GNIPs and tickets that has to be addressed before the next
> release. GeoNode users are invited to join the discussion on how they use
> GeoNode and share ideas on the next features.
> Check how to get to ITHACA [1] and don't forget to register by adding your
> name in the list of participants [2].
> Here is the Meeting Agenda.
> Tuesday.
> Morning (9:00): developers' projects presentation, round table and
> discussion.
> Afternoon (14:30): joint round table and discussion, ticket triaging.
> Hangout with New Orleans
> Wednesday.
> Morning (9:00): bug fixing and documentation.
> Afternoon (14:30): wrap up documentation, website and fixing. Hangout with
> New Orleans
> Thursday.
> Morning (9:00): bug fixing and packages release.
> Afternoon (14:30): GeoNode 2.4 release. Hangout with New Orleans.
> Night (20:00): GeoNode Dinner (if 2.4 is out)
> Friday. (9:00) GeoNode users' presentations, open discussion on next
> release. Hangout with New Orleans
> Looking forward to meeting you in Turin.
> My kindest regards,
> Paolo Pasquali
> [1] http://www.ithacaweb.org/about/directions/
> [2]
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18rrBa-2ZsRnJXGkK-kA-NIiu6VVR28ttxJqglYnY-4s/edit#gid=0
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