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Patrick Dufour pjdufour.dev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 14:24:40 PDT 2016

Good afternoon, everyone.

Over the last couple weeks, on behalf of a client, I've been working on
building out their devops pipeline for a complex downstream GeoNode
project.  This includes using Slack for comms and core devops tools, such
as Ansible, Packer, VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Fabric.

Their server infrastructure includes running multiple GeoNodes on a single
CentOS virtual machine, so Ansible has filled a critical gap in managing
the "state" of their complex machines.  I'm not fully there yet, but have
had some successes so far that are worth mentioning

*First*, Ansible has proven remarkably useful in debugging and team
cooperation.  Since multiple developers have IDENTICAL virtual machines you
get the same errors.  Therefore, you can much more quickly (than without
Ansible) identify the issues in code without having to run through system
checklists.  This save a lot of time!!

*Second*, as part of this effort, I've spun out a community version of the
devops tools at:


The "geonode-devops" code is still relatively new.  I've completed the
Ansible/Vagrant part of the package (the rest still needs testing).  After
installing the core packages on your host/control machine, you can deploy a
GeoNode development server as easy as

vagrant up

Hopefully this toolkit will help with day-to-day collaboration.  These
tools may also help with the on-boarding of new developers to the ever
growing GeoNode community!

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