[GeoNode-devel] Sprint!

Jeffrey Johnson ortelius at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 00:08:24 PDT 2016

Hi All,

Now that I've blown up everyone's inboxes this morning ...

I've tagged all issues the best I can and assigned _everything_ to the
2.5 milestone (unrealistic yes I know, but I want all issues in some
milestone). We should only file/move issues into the 2.6 milestone for
bugs that will certainly be addressed _after_ the 2.5 dev release and
before 2.6. Basically 2.6 should have no new features after 2.5 and
only bugs.

Some things for everyone to do:

1) Address all comments on issues you have participated in. Close
issues as appropriate.
2) Move things that will NOT get done for 2.5/2.6 milestone to 2.7
specifically things like feature requests or enhancements that will
not get addressed this week. Ill work on this task after I finish this
email, but please do this for feature requests you have filed.
3) Get any outstanding branches/work/PRs filed ASAP. Even if things
are not totally complete, lets get them in now as someone may be
willing to help you during the sprint.
4) File any new issues/bugs asap so we can get them tagged and
assigned to a milestone.

I'll plan to spend the first day of the sprint (today) continuing to
do triage and making sure we have a realistic plan for this week and
for 2.5/2.6. Note boundless (Sarah and Dan) are taking the lead on
2.5/2.6 and GeoSolutions (afabiani) is responsible for the windows

Also note that Ariel has done a lot of work recently on a docker setup
for GeoNode, so we hope that this is useful to folks during the

Lets also address website and documentation issues ASAP this week,
ideally before the workshop on tuesday.

A couple of other interesting things to note:

* Angelos has been working on a geonode-live ISO that we plan to use
for the workshop. This contains a geonode-project setup and other
things like mapserver, qgis-server and the new vector tile server that
Terranodo has been working on. You can download the latest ISO here
[1] to test. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.
* Terranodo (mine and Ariel's company) has been working on a
django-mapproxy setup. You can check it out here and look at the
terranodo djmp branch. If anyone has friends in the mapserver
community that could possibly help us work on a mapserver backend
during the sprint, that would be fabulous.
* I've got a branch [3] that allows users to upload tabular data and
join these to polygon layers. Unfortunately there is currently no UI
for this as the initial use has been API only. If there is anyone that
can help with some basic UI for this during the sprint so we can get
it merged, that would be awesome. Basic Bootstrap and js skills
* Prominent Edge has been working on a totally new uploader [4] that
is based on using gdal and ogr directly and adds support for many new
formats and is much more flexible than what we have now. It would be
great to make this usable in 2.5/2.6 even if its not the default. If
there is anyone who is interested to work on this during the sprint,
please come see me and lets discuss.

I think thats it for now. See many of you at basecamp bonn later today!


[1] http://aiolos.survey.ntua.gr/gisvm/geonode/geonode-live-nightly-build131-amd64-33def31.iso
[2] https://github.com/terranodo/django-mapproxy
[3] https://github.com/jj0hns0n/geonode/tree/table-join
[4] https://github.com/ProminentEdge/django-osgeo-importer

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