[GeoNode-devel] IMPORTANT Contributor License Agreement

Jeffrey Johnson ortelius at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 03:30:40 PDT 2016

Hi Folks,

tl;dr please sign the CLA here.
https://www.clahub.com/agreements/GeoNode/geonode if you are making
contributions as an organization, please add info about your
organization in the space provided.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the last steps we need to do in order
to finish OSGeo incubation is to have a majority of existing
contributors sign the OSGeo contributor license agreement.

I've gone ahead and implemented CLAHub on our repo and now you are
*required* to sign the CLA before having your PRs merge or push. But
this doesnt deal with previous commits.  So, if you are have
contributed in the past, please sign the agreement ASAP and
bug/encourage/cajole others in your org to do the same.



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