[GeoNode-devel] Excluding remote layers from Download Map feature?

Craig Stephenson crstephenson at alaska.edu
Mon Aug 29 18:39:04 PDT 2016

Hi All,

My colleagues and I discovered that an exception is produced if you add a
remote layer (via the Remote Services feature) to a map, then try to
download the map by going to:

Download Map -> Download Data Layers -> Start downloading this map

We modified GeoNode to skip over Remote Services layers like this:


Is this a reasonable fix? And if so, should I submit this as a PR to your

Some context: I had tried making a map with a Shapefile layer, a GeoTIFF
layer, and a Remote Services layer. The j_layer["service"] value for each
shows up as:

Shapefile: WFS
Remote Services: None

Which is why I'm performing this check:

if j_layer["service"] is None

Or would it be better to do something like this?

if j_layer["service"] is not "WFS" and j_layer["service"] is not "WCS"

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