[GeoNode-devel] Layers || Documents || People || Maps || Groups Not Listing

Benson Mbani onyangombani at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 28 16:02:38 PST 2016

I am new in geonode. I have installed Geonode for development version 2.5.6.dev20161221225314 on a fresh ubuntu server as instructed Install GeoNode for Development — GeoNode 2.4 documentation
However, when I click the tabs  for Layers || Documents || People || Maps || Groups, It does not show any content, only says 

No {{ dataValue || 'content' }} created yet. 

This is despite the fact that I can see content in the admin panel. What could I be missing out please, I have googled for a week without success. Even after I create a group, when I click on the groups tab, it is still blank. 

Thanks for any help.
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