[GeoNode-devel] Behavior of distribution_url, distribution_description?

Bruce Crevensten becrevensten at alaska.edu
Fri Feb 5 15:42:06 PST 2016

I'm curious about the intended (and actual) behavior of the
distribution_url and distribution_description metadata properties for

I expected to be able to use GeoNode's layer editor (Layer > pick a layer >
Edit Layer > Metadata) in order to manage those fields, but I found that
the behavior was somewhat unpredictable -- either it always reset the
distribution_url to a default GeoNode point, and the url_description field
to "Web address (URL)", _or_ for some layers it's worked fine to edit
them!  I can't discern the difference layers that I can edit and those I
cannot, and a colleague gets different behavior with the same layers I'm

I traced the relevant code to:

  112          if len(onlineresources) == 1:
  113              res = onlineresources[0]
  114:             instance.distribution_url = res.url
  115              instance.distribution_description = res.description

I'm unclear on how this `onlineresource` is getting set (appears to happen
by default, but not always?) and/or if the intent of the Metadata editor is
to allow this to be overwritten -- and if so, is this a bug?


*Bruce Crevensten*

*Senior Software Engineer*
(SNAP) Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning
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