[GeoNode-devel] Contribute to geonode code

Agnès Tendero agnes.tendero at cirad.fr
Fri Jun 3 03:34:49 PDT 2016


Here is a first list of the functionnalities we've developped :

1. Concatenating the metadata Regions in Title search fields
2. Display the full list of resources of each catalogue for every user 
(logged in or not)
3. List of layers/maps/documents sorted by permission : first the 
authorized ones, then the restricted ones.
4.. Export metadata to text and HTML format
5. Restrictions for unauthenticated users : hide 'Add layer', 'Create 
new map', 'Add documents' options
6. Search by text (title) improved within each catalogue : search did 
not take into account if users are in the layers catalogue and could 
propose maps and documents.
7. Direct access to the layer/map/document when the Title is selected 
int the search fields
8. Notifications : users can manage their notifications in the menu
9. Add a button to zoom on layer extent in the geoexplorer toolbar
10. Height of the geoexplorer frame increased in the layer/map sections
11. Display/hide functionnalities depending on permissions (view 
resource base, add resource base), see 

I can give you more details if you want such as modified files names,...

And I'll send you soon the others functionnalities list.

Agnès Tendero

Le 26/05/2016 à 15:13, Simone Dalmasso a écrit :
> Hi Agnès,
> great to hear that you want to contribute back!.
> Could you please list here what kind of functionalities are in there? 
> We can discuss all together here whether they would require a GNIP 
> (GeoNode Improvement Proposal), be an optional contrib app, go to the 
> core etc.
> For the 2.5* release date, it is not planned yet, the roadmapping has 
> yet to be done.
> 2016-05-26 12:47 GMT+02:00 Agnès Tendero <agnes.tendero at cirad.fr 
> <mailto:agnes.tendero at cirad.fr>>:
>     Hello everyone,
>     I would like to provide to the geonode community the specific
>     functionnalities we have done and are still doing on our platform
>     AWARE (aware.cirad.fr <http://aware.cirad.fr>).
>     I've just created an account for my team (artists974) on github.
>     Do we need to send you the specific functionnalities list by mail
>     or can we directly set them on github ?
>     Do you know when next version of geonode will be avaliable ?
>     Regards,
>     Agnès
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> Simone

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