[GeoNode-devel] GeoNode Translation

Antoine ROLLAND antoine.rolland at cirad.fr
Thu Jun 16 00:43:46 PDT 2016

Hi everyone,

I experience a difficultiy to transle some Geonode text. 
Actually, I already translated most parts of my website, thanks django.po files, and when my translations are only useful for my website and not every Geonode users, I use 
Django tags to display some text according the language selected by the user. 
However, what I want to translate now is the new "Cart" part : ("Cart" and "Add resources via the 'Add to Cart' button." (v. 2.4), but the file is located in var/[...], and it seems that Django tags don't work there...

Is it possible to make Django tags work there ? (for example :
{% if LANGUAGE_CODE == "fr" %} Some french text 
{% else %} Some english text
{% endif %} (--> this works in geonode main directory thank to {% load i18n %} but not in var/ )
Otherwise, is it possible to make my translations in djangojs.po effective on this file (cart.html) ? 

Thank you very much

Antoine Rolland, Cirad - Reunion Island

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