[GeoNode-devel] testing importing GeoNode metadata into QGIS

Thomas Gertin tgertin at vt.edu
Tue Jun 28 06:08:37 PDT 2016

Could someone help with this issue?

I am testing downloading a shapefile from GeoNode and the metadata then
opening the dataset in QGIS.

This is the layer I am testing:


   I downloaded the data as a shapefile.

   I then downloaded the metadata and saved it as an xml file with the same
   basename as the shapefile.

here is the directory with all of my files:

[image: pic-of-dir]

I then opened this shapefile in QGIS 2.14.3, with no plug-ins. I do not see
the metadata I am hoping to see. If I right-click on the layer and go to
properties it opens the layer properties window. Then if I click on the
Metadata tab, the properties only show General properties. All of the field
in the Description section are blank. Is there a way to populate these
fields? Are the metadata fields supposed to automatically show up? Or is
there a way you need to import the xls manually by selecting the xls file?


Tom G
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