[GeoNode-devel] Getting my django app to save to postgis instead of the default database...

Dave Kennewell davekennewell at gmail.com
Mon May 9 10:01:54 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I have a django app that harvests latitude and longitude as float numbers,
together with some text, and stores them in a model. After syncdb, this
happily writes to my "geonode" default database.

But I want to plot this data in geoserver, and show it as a layer in
geonode. So (I assume) I need to get the harvested data into the
"geonode_data" postgis database.

When I look into the django documentation for multiple databases
it suggests I use DATABASE_ROUTERS to achieve this. Sounds reasonable.

But when I search the geonode codebase for DATABASE_ROUTERS there is nothing
going on

Is it correct that the only way data gets into a standard geonode datastore
is directly via the upload app, and not via any models?

Before I go down the DATABASE_ROUTERS rabbithole, I wanted to check if this
is the correct way to get model data into the datastore, or am I missing

Thanks for any help
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