[GeoNode-devel] Geoserver retains old admin passwords

Jonathan Doig j.doig at unsw.edu.au
Mon Nov 14 23:24:25 PST 2016

Hi all

My Geoserver, inside Geonode 2.4 on Ubuntu 16.04, won't let go of old admin passwords.

I used manage.py createsuperuser to set the Geonode admin password when I did my manual install. Pretty sure that password then worked for logging into Geoserver as admin also.

I've since changed the Geoserver admin password through the UI, twice, and also done so by calling manage.py changepassword directly and from ansible.

In total I've used 2 new passwords. Both passwords, and the original one 'geoserver', now work when logging in as admin. Other random passwords do not.

It's not entirely clear but this may be the behaviour reported back in September in this post:

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