[GeoNode-devel] Docker for development

Francesco Bartoli xbartolone at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 01:16:21 PDT 2016

Hi team,

I would like to share latest work on docker:

- with this PR https://github.com/GeoNode/docker-geoserver/pull/5 we are now able to automatically set the baseUrl in the configuration (config.xml) from the geonodeAuthProvider of GeoServer. This means if you are in a docker shell you should have automatically an environment variable DOCKER_HOST with a value like this “tcp://” where the ip address is normally the same of the output from “docker-machine ip”. The baseUrl will be configured with a value like this ““ that is the url you are going to open up in the browser for accessing geonode so you should be able then to being automatically logged in geoserver too.
- this commit https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode/commit/6b24bf9f46bb3cd46696a36e13d4f46faa35fe16 brings the required variable in the compose of geonode
- after running “make up” and “make sync” we should be in the same situation of what paver was doing for development till now

The next improvement I’d like to have would be to giving the priority to two new variables NGINX_HOST and NGINX_PORT for the baseUrl from the nginx service in the docker-compose file. I’m happy if somebody can merge the PR and provide any feedback/thought about this.

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