[GeoNode-users] Associate information to shapefiles/raster uploaded

Melvin Ramos melvin.ramos1991 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 08:20:31 PDT 2015


I'm trying to associate specific information to the files I upload (be that
vector or raster) besides the metadata. I'm supposed to implement a
database with a whole of information (text and numbers related to
statistics and NGO standards), but I have no idea where or how to begin to
customize my project: create models, create the forms, query the data
(especially from the map view itself), etc.

I understand that when I upload a file I create a new layer and that I can
add a predetermined info called metadata, and also each file has attributes
(which I guess they come from the file itself), but I need more: I need a
form that people can fill (from custom models) where people can write the
extra info that is required.

Can anyone help me on this matter? Thanks in advance,


Melvin David Ramos Macías
Ingeniería de Computación
Universidad Simón Bolívar

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