[GeoNode-users] layer upload questions

Charles Cossé ccosse at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 13:27:42 PDT 2015


I'm trying to modify the layer upload process to require the user to choose
a category when uploading.  I've got most of the pieces in place and
working except I'm having difficulty actually adding the selected category
to the post.

As the simplest of all tests I'm just trying to append a stringified input
element to form_data in LayerInfo.js ... like this:

        //existing code:
        form_data.append('charset', $('#charset').val());

        //my attempt to hardcode a category id
        console.log("category added to form data");

So I admit that I'm confused ... alerts don't seem to work and console.log
doesn't seem to work ... are they disabled somewhere?  I've tried many
other approaches ... the above seems like it should work but no ... so I'd
be grateful for someone's input ... any input.  Thank you!

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