[GeoNode-users] Metadata Profile for Documents in Geonode

Eduardo Pascoal pascoal.egeo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 11:35:05 PST 2015

Dear all,

Following the Gavin Fleming-4's post
and Simone Dalmasso answer:

"Can Geonode be used to manage metadata documents that are not associated
with a geonode layer?"

"Gavin, if the remote data are geographic data accessible on the web than
you could use the geonode services to harvest a remote ogc backend and get
the metadata as well. If the datasets are not geospatial then maybe CKAN is
the tool. On the other hand if your aim is to publish a document which
represents metadata than you can upload it as a document not linked to any
resource and put the resource remote url in its metadata." (Simone Dalmasso)

Is it correct to create a metadata of a non-geographic document using
iso19115 profile?

My idea is that iso19115 should be used for geographic information only.
What is your opinion about this? As you can see when i upload a document
into geonode it will fill some mandatory metadata fields like
ReferenceSystem and geographic extent by default. (please, take a look at
the following example

For this reason should i assume that geonode document section it's only for
geographic information documentation?

One approach could be to customize Geonode to have two metadata profiles
one for geographic information (iso19115) and other for documents (dublin
core or DCAT <http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat/>, etc). Could this raise any
issue during the harvesting process? Anyone have this same issue? Is there
any other Metadata profile for documentation that i should take into

Any suggestion would be great.

Best Regards,


Eduardo Pascoal
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