[GeoNode-users] Point of contact person outside of Geonode not available

Simone Dalmasso simone.dalmasso at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 00:17:38 PDT 2015

this is a difficult answer :) because this is a regression from the
previous version. The story is that in 2.0 there were two "users entities",
the django auth user model used for authentication and permissions and the
Profile used to add some information about users. Every user had a django
auth and a profile while the external actor had just a profile. When we
rebuilt the permissions and security system we merged the django auth user
into Profile and made the latter as default auth user. While this operation
brought several advantages it also broke the external actor feature which
is currently not available in 2.4. We have an open ticket about this
https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode/issues/2079 tagged for 2.5, because it
might involve a data model change (new table for external actors?). I did
some preliminary work but might not be the optimal solution. If you have
time to spend on it please let us know how it works. Feel free to add
comments there.
About the Profile password the answer is no, every Profile requires login
data because is a django/geonode auth user.

Hope this helps.

2015-03-10 1:22 GMT+01:00 Israel López <asralf at gmail.com>:

> Good day dear devs
> Some time ago in the metadata form there was an option, in theory
> let the user introduce data por a person outside of geonode for
> metadata author or Point of contact.
> This option is not longer available, which could be the easiest way
> for implementing it?? Is it posible reuse the profile model without
> introduce a pasword for each user??
> Thanks in advance.
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