[GeoNode-users] Geonode for large Spatial data infrastructures

Daniel Victoria daniel.victoria at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 11:43:09 PDT 2015

Hi list,

Davi Custodio and I have previously sent some questions to the mailing list
but we never introduced ourselves. We work at the Brazilian Agricultural
Research Corporation (Embrapa), more specifically at the Satellite
Monitoring unit. Embrapa is the research branch of the Brazilian Ministry
of Agriculture.

Until today we have been using GeoNode as a metadata catalog (
http://geoinfo.cnpm.embrapa.br) and map display portal for a couple of our
projects. We have close to 900 registered layers in our system and GeoNode
has served us fine (despite some glitches that have been fixed thanks to
the friendly folks from this mailing list). However, recently we approved a
project to start a metadata catalog and geospatial data repository for the
entire Embrapa! And that is huge! Our initial plan is to use several
GeoNode instances for data entry, catalog and visualization, separated by
the different Embrapa units. We would then use CKAN for aggregating all
metadata and also for registering other datasets that for some reason or
another will not be hosted on a Geoserver instance. However, some questions
regarding the feasibility of this setup came up, specially considering that
many organizations in Brazil are using GeoNetwork (which we are not
particularly fan off). Our initial 2 year effort (starting on Feb 2015)
will encompass 9 Embrapa research units distributed along the Brazilian
territory. This effort will be expanded to all 47 Embrapa units from Jan
2017 on.

a) Is it possible to have a multi-site installation of Geonode? We saw
about the GeoSites: GeoNode Multi-Tenancy but the page states that “Some of
this functionality is currently available with the dev branch of GeoNode,
although a fully working system will require extending the GeoNode security
app to support the Django Sites framework.” So, what would be involved in
making the GeoSites security work? We can do some development from our side
but we are not experts in Django.

b) Has anyone used GeoNode in the way we are proposing, with several
instances and a metadata portal aggregating all data?

c) Is it possible to have more than one author (or point of contact) for
the data, in case of resources that have been made by two agencies (eg

d) Will it be possible to enter points of contact that are not registered
in Django at the metadata form again? We saw that this was possible in
GeoNode 2.0 but it's apparently not possible in 2.4.

e) In GeoNode 2.0 a non-authenticated user cannot see the complete metadata
record unless he downloads the XML. Are there plans for a full metadata

Thanks for your attention and we will surely come with some more questions

PS - sory for the long email....
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