[GeoNode-users] Exists a project template for smartphone collection and upload?

Charles Cossé ccosse at gmail.com
Mon May 11 04:32:59 PDT 2015

Hi All,

I am getting up-to-speed with GeoNode and GIS in general.   I need to
implement the same general workflow model in several  different contexts.
The workflow is:

   1. offline collection of arbitrary data via smartphone (tracks, photos,
   notes, forms)
   2. sync arbitrary, serialized blob data to server
   3. handle and store arbitrary serialized blob data in GeoNode (some
   4. webapp interface template to explore / utilize data

This seems like it would make a good project template ... pull everything
into a django-app under your geonode instance, including the smartphone app
template code, and just customize from there.

Does such a project already exist?  If not, then would it be a good thing?

I like these apps from MISIN <http://www.misin.msu.edu/tools/apps/#>, but
they don't allow for use outside of a hard-coded range.  Otherwise, that's
exactly the system / workflow I'm after.  I haven't checked if their code
is free.  ArcGIS Collector would be the similar Esri product.
I have a couple other questions while here:

   - why google earth but no google maps?
   - what is best way (api?) to capture map clicks?


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