[GeoNode-users] Postgis extension on geonode DB

Renata Binotto rbinotto at arpa.veneto.it
Tue May 12 03:21:19 PDT 2015

Hi all,
we have a DB and a postgresql schema (call it ourSchema) with some 
layers and some tables and we want to edit the tables using Django Admin 
facilities (with server_ipaddress/admin). We wrote in local_settings in 
/etc/geonode the connection strings for this DB (ex: ourDB, in the same 
server with geonode) but after some tests we understood that:

-- creating a new app (with python manage.py startapp ...), a models.py 
with our tables and using python manage.py syncdb --database=ourDB,
Geonode re-create all django tables + our tables in the _public_ schema 
of ourDB ('cause there's no info in local_settings about what schema is 
connected ourDB);
-- but these new tables in ourDB/public are not seen by 
server_ipaddress/admin, but they are seen only if we create them in the 
schema geonode(=default)/public;
-- so we thought we could put ourSchema inside geonodeDB or all its 
tables/layers in the geonode/public schema (even if we don't like this 
solution too much...), but ourSchema contains layers and geonodeDB has 
no postgis extensions so we couldn't.

At the end, some desperate questions:
-- is it possible to connect django server_ipaddress/admin to tables in 
a different DB (putting some connection string in the app directly, for 
-- is it possible to install postgis extension on geonodeDB?


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