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Jesús gesusjl at gmail.com
Thu May 21 08:05:59 PDT 2015

Hi Jeffrey

Thanks for you suggestion.

I dont use such command because my workflow is connecting a custom postgis
database to a custom workspace in  geoserver and then use the updatelayers
command to publish them in geonode.

Sorry for the weird subject. I was intending to name it "link and serve
metadata xml files created outside geonode". Is there a way to edit it?

2015-05-20 21:00 GMT-06:00 Jeffrey Johnson <ortelius at gmail.com>:

> Have you tried the importlayers management command? It should pick up the
> related xml files.
> On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, Jesús <gesusjl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi list members
>> We have xml metadata files we would like to attach to geonode postgis and
>> raster layers. Instead of filling the geonode forms one by one, is there a
>> easy way to link the xml (as happens when upload shapefiles and rasters) to
>> the layer, so geoserver can serve it also through the web services
>> (getCapabilities etc.)?
>> We have been checking some other solutions offered in this forum, but it
>> looks  they  do not fit our required workflow. As i understand we can
>> upload the xml as a document and then link the file to the layer, but not
>> sure how we can make that both geonode  and geoserver use them. Geoserver
>> provide a way to link xml metadata files which are accesible from internet,
>> but as far as  know the xml file url from geonode is not directly accesible
>> to be use in geoserver.
>> In short,  we are creating the xml files outside geonode using other
>> metadata tools and we dont want to fill the forms again using geonode
>> frontend, but use some other custom solution that can be visible in geonode
>> and geoserver.
>> Some batching process  solution would be nice also. :)
>> Regards
>> Jesús

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