[GeoNode-users] How to modify GeoNode's notification system?

Seno Adiwicaksono senoadiw at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 05:25:06 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I have a specific use case with regards the django-notification used in
GeoNode. The requirements are to only send a layer_created notice to
specific group managers. The group managers will then review and publish
the uploaded layer. I put a call to notification.send(managers,
'layer_created', notif_ctx) after a new layer object is saved, which then
sends the layer_created email to the managers. However they receive 2
layer_created emails. I suppose the first one is from my manual call and
the second one is because the managers are subscribed to layer_created in
the notification settings. I then uncheck the setting and tried uploading
another layer expecting to receive only 1 email this time, however none was
received. I enabled the settings again and 2 emails were delivered. I find
it strange that the saved settings would also affect my manual call.

So my question is where in GeoNode's code can I look to disable sending the
2nd email?


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