[GeoNode-users] Simplest way to get Geogig working with Geonode?

Dave Kennewell davekennewell at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 17:17:31 PDT 2015

Hi Geonoders,

I am exploring the potential to use Geogig as a version control system for
our hydrologic/hydraulic models stored in geonode. These models are
essentially a collection of shape and csv files (the computational engine
sits outside, and connects directly to PostGIS to run).

Is it easier to

1) spin up a geonode 2.4beta instance, and then manually install geogig
(and geoserver extensions?) on that server.


2) spin up a GeoShape instance with the maploom backend that appears to
have a Geogig GUI, but i'm not sure if I still have to configure geoserver
etc if I follow this path?

At this stage, I don't need the long-term or most robust solution, but I
need the easiest solution so we can explore what is possible with a
geogig/geonode combination in our workflow.

Thanks for any guidance you can share
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