[GeoNode-users] Pink tiles on published maps with layers from local GeoServer

Seno Adiwicaksono senoadiw at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 02:49:39 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I have got the latest GeoNode installed from github following the custom
install in /var/www/geonode and a geonode-project in /var/www/my_geonode.
I've copied over local_settings.py.sample from /var/www/geonode/geonode/
and saved as /var/www/my_geonode/my_geonode/local_settings.py. I've made
sure that SITEURL and PUBLIC_LOCATION, ALLOWED_HOSTS are set to the static
IP of the server, no other files are edited. I can upload and view the
layers just fine.

My problem is when I add an uploaded layer in the local GeoServer to a map
and publish it only pink tiles show up. I check the browser console and can
see that the tile requests are going to localhost:8080. Did I miss a
setting somewhere? The way I "fixed" this is to copy back
/var/www/my_geonode/my_geonode/local_settings.py to
/var/www/geonode/geonode and run "python manage.py updatemaplayerip" and
then all old and newly uploaded layers can show up on published maps. I
would be best to only maintain the local_settings.py in the geonode-project
and leave the one in /var/www/geonode/geonode alone. I would really
appreciate any advice given.


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