[GeoNode-users] Pink tiles when importing layers from some remote services

Seno Adiwicaksono senoadiw at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 21:12:52 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I'm trying to import some layers from NASA FIRMS
https://firms.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/web-services/#firms-wms but results in
pink tiles when viewing the layers.

For adding the remote service I use:

   - Service URL:
   - Service name: firms
   - Service type: Web Map Service (tried auto detect too with same results)

The 3 layers are created but show pink tiles when viewed. What could be the
issue here? Are there any specific requirements for the map service so that
it can be successfully imported? I couldn't find the docs on this.
On the other hand I've had better chances importing from ArcGIS map
services such as http://maps.spotzi.com/ArcGIS/rest/services. I would also
appreciate if anyone here can share a list of map services that can be
successfully imported for testing. We are looking to showcase GeoNode for a
regional project soon.


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