[GeoNode-users] Change SITE_URL of GeoNode 2.4 installation

Israel López asralf at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 09:55:16 PDT 2016

Yes, in fact, maybe you cannot see  thumbs and download the resources too,
in the case of the legend, you should modify the global setting in
geoserver, and for the database I'm not sure if there is a tool but I've
modified by hand the tables resourcebase and links.

The experts could give you more info.
Hello everyone :-) I'm having a issue with GeoNode, tried to google around
for a solition but not able to find one.
Basically I need to change the SITE_URL of my installation (GeoNode2.4),
the problem is that after changing his setting the legend of the layers
disappers, the legend image still points to the old URL despite having
restarted apache and tomcat and having cleared the geoserver cache.
Have you got any suggestion to fix the proble? Maybe GeoNode stores the
links or the address of the server somewhere in the DB?

Thanks in advance

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