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Hi Mehrdad,
I'm very happy to hear that and congratulations for your project.I'm aware that the csw harvesting is not as smooth as expected, I'm not a real csw expert though. One of the geonode core developers is also the creator of pycsw so I encourage you to write on the list geonode-users at lists.osgeo.org where he, or others, can answer and help a broad audience.
I'm curious to follow the thread with he's recommendations.
Sorry to not be more helpful!Ciao
2016-02-17 11:48 GMT+01:00 Mehrdad Jafari Salim <mehrdad_jafarisalim at yahoo.com>:

Dear Simone,
I'm very glad to inform you that I have been able to prove that Geonode can be a suitable solution for SDI platform at NCC and perhaps according to the result of its successful implementation at organization level, It can be a potential platform for NSDI as National Spatial Data infra-structure.
SO I have been assigned as Technical deputy of GIS dept. and project manager of NCC-SDI.
One of the major issues in this regard is how to get CSW and harvesting catalogue service provided by remote Geonetwork Open source software. It seems that there is a problem with that which I asked the head of programming team Mr. Nima Ghasemloo to elaborate the issue and he has come up with an intermediate program, but I prefer to get your recommendation and perhaps your solution as well befor taking any action.
Thank you in advance and awaiting for your reply.
CiaoMehrdad     M.J.S


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