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have you tried to edit styles with this plugin from Boundless? Also did you try to compare the SLD file from geoserver before and after you edited it from the geonode editor and see what are the differences?


Il giorno 29/feb/2016, alle ore 20:25, Stefan Steiniger <sstein at geo.uzh.ch> ha scritto:

> Hi Daniel,
> no solution - but confirming.
> I have the same problem: Creating Styles in QGIS and c&p in GeoServer, and when I try editing style I get errors. So I am also just sticking to "don't edit styles" set in GeoServer :(
> Related to that, perhaps: I also have problem with spanish names and accent-letters when used for classification. In a weird case (don't remember the details) the polygons of a particular class didn't even get rendered.
> cheers,
> stefan
> On 2/29/16 15:19, Daniel Victoria wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> This is probaly more of a GeoServer question but, GeoNode users probably have faced this some time or another, so here we go:
>> I have a soil vector layer with lots of different soil classes. In order to create a nice layer style, I used QGis v2.12 to create some nice legend. I then saved the layer style as a SLD file and pasted it in GeoServer. This process has worked quite nice, despite differences in SLD version between QGis (v1.1) and GeoSever (1.0). But it's not 100% and if I try to edit the layer style using GeoNode Style editor, thing stop working and the style is messed up.
>> So, what are the workflows for setting complex layer styles? Anyone using QGis to generate SLD? I heard uDig is also a good tool for style generation? And what about the Geoserver Explorer plugin? I never had much luck using the plugin but I believe there is a problem with some of the layers in my geoserver instance that is messing things up.
>> Thanks
>> Daniel
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