[GeoNode-users] Using a Virtualenv and Git Clone to test Geonode in the same machine that have a ppa installation

Davi Custodio davicustodio at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 05:35:54 PST 2016

Hello, I created a virtualenv and cloned the GeoNode intended to test some
customizations. The machine I'm using is the same used by a GeoNode testing
installed via ppa.

Below the steps performed:

1 - virtualenv env_geonode
2 - cd env_geonode
3 - source bin/activate
4 - git clone https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode.git
5 - pip install -e geonode
6 - service apache2 restart
7 - cd geonode/geonode
8 - ln -s /etc/geonode/localsettings.py (to reference my old

I expected to see the GeoNode installed from virtualenv on my browser, but I
saw was exactly my old GeoNode that was installed via ppa.

There was something missing in my installation? Can anyone help?

Thank you.

Davi de O. Custódio
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