[GeoNode-users] Site_base.css is not found when theming

Kevin Côté Kevin.Cote2 at USherbrooke.ca
Thu Mar 10 08:10:29 PST 2016



I'm trying to customize the GeoNode page following the tutorial in the

I've updated the site_base.css file as explained, and did the "python
manage.py collectstatic" command in my project folder. 

Then, I'm getting this message: 

" You have requested to collect static files at the destination
location as specified in your settings: 


This will overwrite existing files!
Are you sure you want to do this? " 

I answer 'yes' and then 2 files are copied to the
/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/geonode/static_root (I'm guessing the
site_base.css file and the logo). I restart the Apache server and when I
access my localhost, I'm getting only the text of GeoNode site (no css
are loaded). 

If I look at the source code of the page and click on the
/static/site_base.css link, I'm getting a 404 error. 

Where does this problem comes from ? Do I need to set a path somewhere
in a configuration file ? 

Thanks for your help !!! 


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