[GeoNode-users] Issue with imported SLD (1.1.0) files produced by QGIS (2.14)

Kevin Côté Kevin.Cote2 at USherbrooke.ca
Mon Mar 14 10:59:45 PDT 2016



I'm trying to import a SLD file alongside the common shapefiles files.
My SLD files are generated by the Style Editor of QGIS 2.14, therefore
they are in SLD 1.1.0 format. 

When imported into GeoNode and shown in the GeoServer style editor, it
looks like the SLD file is converted back to 1.0.0 and therefore loses
some parameters (in my case, I'm losing color attributes). 

>From what I've found, it looks like GeoNode only accepts 1.0.0 SLD
files. Is it true ? Is there a way that I can make GeoNode work with
QGIS exported SLD files ? 

Thanks for your help ! 


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