[GeoNode-users] 'geonode' command on Ubuntu throws "Unknown command" when called without arguments

Benjamin Ducke benducke at fastmail.fm
Wed May 11 03:57:13 PDT 2016

Dear GeoNoders,

I am currently setting up my first GeoNode installation, and trying to
the official  documentation on customization and theming.

I would appreciate some help/feedback with the 'geonode' command.
My OS is Ubuntu 14.04 and I have installed GeoNode 2.4. from the

On this page:


There is a sequence of commands that includes a call to 'geonode' (step

1 $ cd /home/geonode/my_geonode
2 $ python manage.py collectstatic
3 $ python manage.py syncdb
4 $ /home/geonode/geonode
5 $ sudo pip install -e .
6 $ sudo service apache2 restart

I am assuming that this refers to '/usr/sbin/geonode' when installed
the Ubuntu packages, correct? Said executable is a simple shell script
wrapper for 'django-admin', which just determines whether to use
'django-admin' or 'django-admin.py' (right choice for my OS). So far so
good. However, when just calling 'geonode' without any arguments, I get:

  Unknown command: '--settings=geonode.settings'

Apparently, this is because the arguments placeholder '$@' in
stays empty in this case, but 'django-admin.py' really wants to have the
of a subcommand.

So my question is: Did 'django-admin.py' use to have a default
subcommand in
the past, but no longer? Or are the instructions on the web page above
Which django-admin subcommand should run in line 4 above?

Many thanks for any pointers,


Benjamin Ducke
{*} Geospatial Consultant
{*} GIS Developer
  benducke AT fastmail.fm

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