[GeoNode-users] Followup Survey - need for a (Admin) book?!

Stefan Steiniger sstein at geo.uzh.ch
Wed May 18 19:02:28 PDT 2016

Hey Jeffrey et al.,

I just filled the survey but forgot one thing - posting this to the list 
to see if its just me who see a need:

my Situation: I am running GeoNode (2.0) since about 1.5-2 years for a 
research centre. Now I need to think about a successor of mine who will 
administrate GeoNode in case I will move on. I am trying to document 
lots with my own wiki, but what I felt is missing is a book on GeoNode 
(such as for GeoServer, etc.) that I can just give to him/her. I know 
development is moving fast, and the customer group is probably tiny - 
but... perhaps many universities and municipalities will run a GeoNode 
at some point?

We don't have for instance money for an ArcGIS portal license or so, and 
traveling to a FOSS4G to the US is also out of reach, but I think we 
would have the 50-100 US$ to buy a good admin book that outlines the 
GeoNode basics/structure and how to set it up, including how to make an 
own welcome page/css, as similar to the online doc, some FAQ and perhaps 
tuning tips... So also perhaps similar as the PostGIS & GeoServer books???

An important point may be, however, that my successor will more likely 
come from an IT background than from a GIS background. And for these its 
also a bit tricky to understand some GIS things.

Ok, my 2 cents...


On 5/18/16 20:16, Jeffrey Johnson wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'd like to ask for your help.
> The World Bank's GFDRR team have a UX researcher working on GeoNode.
> I'm super excited that we are really digging into this part of the
> project! This is a huge opportunity to make GeoNode something that
> really works for you, me and everyone who uses GeoNode. We're also
> getting into product strategy—something that we really need to support
> the full ecosystem and workflow.
> This is a followup to the previous survey, If you can take this one
> too, we would really appreciate it It should only take 7-10 minutes to
> fill out.
> bit.ly/geonodeSurvey
> The survey is a first step. Kris (the UX researcher) is also
> interviewing people and teams. By taking the survey you can select to
> be contacted for an interview. You may also email her directly with
> any thoughts or comments. Kris at hopscotchlabs.com
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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