[GeoNode-users] setting up for production

Arthur Abbott aabbott at seafortheng.ca
Wed May 25 13:05:30 PDT 2016


I have geonode installed on ubuntu 14.04 using the apt-get quick
installation method on a machine on our local network.

We have since port forwarded through our main server to make geonode
visible to the outside world.  I used the geonode-updateip with the
realworld address.  I also set the proxy base url to our realworld

I have two issues though:

1) for some reason, geonode is still looking at the internal address to
load both the legend symbology and thumbnails.  Where can I fix this?

2) If i attempt to view geonode from another machine on our network or on
the machine itself, I cannot see any of the data, as the links are all
looking for the external address.  I also cannot get to geoserver.  It's
looking for the external address as well.

I have tried re-running geonode-updateip with the realwork ip, but now I
get errors and I think they occur after the apache restart.  I see a

Any thoughts on these issues?



Arthur Abbott
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