[GeoNode-users] Changes to local_settings.py ignored [Windows, Apache]

Nicolai Cryer nkcryer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 07:29:11 PDT 2016


We're trying to open our Geonode installation to the public, and have done
the necessary DNS stuff. As such, our Geonode is able to serve static files
(html etc.) to outside the internal network, but the url for WMS services
etc. still seems to be configured to the localhost.

As such, users can view the Geonode front-end but cannot be served WMS/WFS
content from our geoserver (these show up as bad tiles in geoexplorer).

I tried to solve this by editing local_settings.py in
C:\GeoNode-2.4.x\geonode-2.4.x\geonode, specifically the "PUBLIC_LOCATION"
key in the OGC dictionary.

The big problem is that no matter what I change in settings.py or
local_settings.py, how many times I restart Apache/Tomcat/the whole server,
delete .pyc files to be regenerated etc., the changes are never reflected
in the actual OGC configuration. I don't understand where the problem lies!

I've even attempted to delete settings.py without incident, so it's like
the files are cached somewhere (perhaps in the bowels of Apache?)

I would be most grateful for any ideas, because I've almost exhausted the
list of buttons to push :/


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