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Sun Nov 6 04:11:49 PST 2016

I don't know your code but perhaps executing a wps and ingesting the result to a new geonode layer is something interesting for many of us. However I don't any development on this use case so far.

Maybe the community can have more information on such topic.


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On 05 nov 2016 at 23:53, Giovani Fronza <giovanifronza at gmail.com> wrote:

Many thanks Francesco and Andrea Aime!

About WPS, Eduardo could explain in more detail.
Basically, we want to provide the means for researchers to share source code or computational routines that allow the reproducibility of researches in geoprocessing, in order to allow geoprocesses improvements.
WPS may not be the ideal solution, but it's a good start for now.
At this time we are just presenting the default services list from geoserver. Have a look at http://www.idea.ufpr.br.

We appreciate your help on these!


2016-11-05 16:31 GMT-02:00 Francesco Bartoli <xbartolone at gmail.com>:
Hi Giovani,

the interoperability of SLD between qgis and geoserver has been totally improved during the FOSS4G code sprint in Bonn with many thanks to the work done by Andrea Aime [1].
I haven’t personally tested those improvements but you should be able to do with the last version 2.18.0 of QGIS [2].

Regarding WPS what would be your use case of using them from GeoNode? 

Hope this helps

[1] http://osgeo-org.1560.x6.nabble.com/FOSS4G-code-sprint-idea-improving-SLD-export-and-GeoServer-compatibility-td5273812.html
[2] http://www.qgis.org/it/site/forusers/download.html
Il giorno 03/ago/2016, alle ore 16:11, Giovani Fronza <giovanifronza at gmail.com> ha scritto:

Thank you Amadeo and Simone.
For the question of .prj, seems that just changing the extension .qpj to .prj is doing the trick (tested on just one file...).
I've studied the .sld question and figured that QGis are using 1.1 version, writing <se:> tags, while Geoserver works with 1.0 version, reading <sld:> tags. I'll try the suggested plugins.

Just for spread, we are adapting geonode for academic purpose at Federal University of Paraná, Brasil. We are interested in sharing methodologies besides the documents resulting from academic research.
Have a look at www.idea.ufpr.br.
Could you indicate someone who is dealing with the WPS on GeoNode?

Thanks again!

2016-08-02 17:26 GMT-03:00 Simone Dalmasso <simone.dalmasso at gmail.com>:
Hi, the changes you want to do are very challenging. I can't address you to specific chunks of ode but at least to three geonode apps, "geoserver", "layers" and "upload". They do that work.

good luck.

2016-08-02 10:22 GMT+02:00 Amedeo Fadini <fame at libero.it>:

2016-07-28 19:08 GMT+02:00 Giovani Fronza <giovanifronza at gmail.com>:
> I would like to do some improvements on my GeoNode code, intending to
> minimise problems uploading data produced by QGis users.
> 1- The .prj file dont have EPSG key. Instead, it should be possible upload a
> .qpj file.
> 2- The .sld file loses their cofiguration almost every time.
> 3- All users should be allowed to upload .sld files.
> Is there any work around to any of these questions?
> Which source code files should change to achieve these goals?

AFAIK the sld stuff is  mostly managed by Geoserver. It will be very
difficult change the code to meet your expectations.
I think that is more efficient to use (and maybe contribute) to
geoserver explorer  plugin [0] and Opengeo explorer plugin [1] to
integrate Qgis and geonode.. have already tried them?

Amedeo Fadini

[0] https://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/geoserverexplorer/
[1] https://github.com/boundlessgeo/qgis-suite-plugin
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