[geos-devel] GEOS libraries

Ferdinando Villa fvilla at zoo.uvm.edu
Fri Aug 30 09:58:16 EDT 2002

Hi all,

	I'm adding autoconf/automake support to geos. I have a quick question
about the library structure. The most natural source tree configuration
for automake is one library per directory - based on this I would
produce three libraries, libgsgeo (from source in source/geom), libgsgrp
(source/graph) and libgsio (source/io). I assume the code in
subdirectories of these (source/io/markup, source/graph/index) would
link into the corresponding upper-level library. Everyone ok with this
(names and arrangements)? 

Other configurations are possible, this is just the most natural given
the current tree structure. In all cases I'll produce a glib-config
script, so linking will just be a matter of adding `geos-config --libs`
to the command line and we won't need to remember the lib names.

Also, is the code in util/ needed into any of the libs? If so, which
one? I'm planning to add that and the test code as EXTRA_DIST so that it
goes in the tar archives when you 'make dist' but doesn't get compiled
by 'make all'. Let me know if that's ok.

More random questions:

Yury - do you want me to fix the trivial quirks about the code (like the
need for including stdio.h for sprintf)? 

Also: should I keep notes about what files to add (there will be a
plethora of files to add to cvs) or will you give me cvs write access? 

Last one: automake by default will add gnu-compliant files to the root
dir, including LICENSE (the GPL). Is geos GPL'd? If not, just remember
to change the license file when we commit it - we can leave it out but
any run of automake with standard parameters will add it, so it's better
to have one in the first place.


ferdinando villa, ph.d.           associate research professor
gund institute for ecological economics, university of vermont
590 main street, burlington, vt 05405    phone: (802) 656-2972

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