[geos-devel] GEOS libraries

Yury A. Bychkov ybychkov at direct.ca
Fri Aug 30 12:27:54 EDT 2002

Hi everyone,

Me and Martin have just finished discussing it and here is what we think:

> I have a quick question
> about the library structure. The most natural source tree configuration
> for automake is one library per directory - based on this I would
> produce three libraries, libgsgeo (from source in source/geom), libgsgrp
> (source/graph) and libgsio (source/io). I assume the code in
> subdirectories of these (source/io/markup, source/graph/index) would
> link into the corresponding upper-level library. Everyone ok with this
> (names and arrangements)?
There are way to many rather complex interdependencies for it to work (even
'graph/index' is called from outside of 'graph'). It seems to us that everything
should be put in one library.

> Also, is the code in util/ needed into any of the libs? If so, which one?
'util' contains Assert class that is used almost everywhere.

> Yury - do you want me to fix the trivial quirks about the code (like the
> need for including stdio.h for sprintf)?
I'd prefer if you'll just send me an email and tell me what you want me to


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