[geos-devel] Re: GEOS Status

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Dec 11 19:53:52 EST 2002

Let me display my ignorance for a moment :)
Does this mean that the external API has settled down now? If we did the 
PostGIS bindings, would they be good for "all eternity"?

Yury A. Bychkov wrote:
> Strange. I've sent last status report on Monday, but apparently it didn't make
> it to the list. So, I'll repeat it just in case:
> GEOS Status Report. Friday, December 6th.
> Completed things:
> 1. All instances of Coordinate and CoordinateList have been replaced with
> references or pointers.
> 2. Attempted to switch to CoordinateList interface proposed by Martin.
> Things to do next:
> 1. Finish switching to CoordinateList interface.
> 2. Inline most methods from Coordinate, BasicCoordinateList, etc.
> 3. Update GEOS to correspond to the latest version of JTS (it has some improved
> algorithms).

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