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mbdavis at vividsolutions.com mbdavis at vividsolutions.com
Wed Jun 5 11:44:31 EDT 2002

I think NOW is a good time to import the source code to a CVS repository.
That way, we can all start looking at it.  

Until such time, Yury, could you post a zipped copy of the codebase to the
mailing list on Thursdays (in time for review during our status meeting) ?

As for getting the model done, Yury, if you come across anything that looks
like a major challenge don't hesitate to call me or email the Dev list!

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> > Are we still on track to have the object model done by the 
> end of this week?
> It's hard to say for sure. If everything goes with the same 
> speed as it is now
> then I'll finish porting the model by the end of this week. 
> However, every class
> usually have unique challenges, so something might come up 
> that will cause me to
> spend extra time trying to figure out how to port it.
> >When we have to object model done, would that be an opportune time
> > to import the source into CVS?
> I think so.
> Yury
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