[geos-devel] Report (June 7,2002)

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Fri Jun 7 13:53:35 EDT 2002

I have taken the source code Yury submitted last night and imported it
as a new module into CVS. The CVSROOT is

:pserver:username at postgis.refractions.net:/home/cvs/postgis                                         

cvs login username
cvs checkout geos

For general viewing use cvs/cvs to login.

Yury and Martin I have created read/write accounts for and will follow
up with login/passwd info right away.

"Yury A. Bychkov" wrote:
> Hi Everyone.
> From Friday, May 31 to Thursday, June 6 (inclusive):
> 1. Ported: All SFS interfaces, *Filter, Coordinate, Dimension, Envelope,
> LineSegment, Location.
> 2. Implemented a CoordinateList class based on linked list (to replace arrays in
> Java code)
> 3. Some testing done to check for obvious problems, but comprehensive tests
> would be performed when XML reader/writer and test runner would be ported.
> 4. Total time spent is 13 hours 51 min.
> Decisions from Friday, June 7 phone meeting:
> 1. Reimplement CoordinateList based on an array.
> 2. After 'geom' package is finished, start working on XML Reader/Writer and test
> runner.
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