[geos-devel] More Info - Another Portability Quirk

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Mon Oct 7 01:00:01 EDT 2002

Norman Vine wrote:

> Paul Ramsey writes:
> > I just went through my stl_*.h files, as well as the G++ STL online
> > documentation, and it looks like at() is a recent addition to the G++
> > STL -- sometime in the 3.x series (mine is from gcc 2.96 vintage). Are
> > there other accessors which are possible, or is a latest-and-greatest
> > STL going to be one of our requirements? Is there a way of having
> > configure check the existance of various components of the STL?
> Paul
> You can use the [] operator, in fact I made all of the changes
> locally todo this then realized that the at() method performs
> an out of range check that the [] operator doesn't so didn't
> forward my changes.

I have placed < temporarily > a tarball of tonight's CVS source files with
changes to use the vector<> [] operator instead of the vector<>.at() method

This compiles for me with gcc-2.95.10 < Cygwin >



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