[geos-devel] Performance of GEOS

Martin Davis mbdavis at VividSolutions.com
Wed Oct 30 15:39:14 EST 2002

Something we may need to brainstorm a bit on is how much attention we should pay to the performance of the code in GEOS.  Currently it seems to perform at about the level of JTS, or a bit slower.  This may well be "good enough" for use in PostGIS - that's something you PostGIS wonks will have to decide.  But there may be room for some real improvements in performance, if we start getting clever about how we interact with the C++ memory manager.  (malloc is notoriously slow, so a bulk allocation scheme might bring some real improvements).

Yury and I are going to do a bit of investigation to make sure we're not overlooking any obvious speedups in the straightforward port.

We need to decide how to prioritize the development - are we looking for functionality first, or good performance from the relate code?

(The fact that "naively implemented" GEOS code is no faster than the Java code is quite interesting - so much for complaints that Java is "too slow" for production work!)

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