[geos-devel] Linux Compilation

Yury A. Bychkov ybychkov at direct.ca
Wed Oct 30 16:32:52 EST 2002

> With a little perl and a foreach I cleaned up the JTS1.2 test xml files
> sufficiently to run them all. There were no failures at all in the GNU
> Linux compilation!

> > Now, I started trying running the tests... the XMLTester is really
> > fragile! Is this the tester you are using Yury, or do you have a private
> > one hidden at home?
I am using the same tester and yes, it is rather fragile. However I used an
exact copy of JTS WKTReader and didn't modify it because I wasn't sure if I
should do it.

> > As it stands, any WKT defined with newlines in it crashes the WKT.
> > Since all the JTS test XML files are formatted this way,
> > it makes it laborious to run the tests here :)
I did the same thing as you (with perl) and just reformatted the test files.


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