[geos-devel] Portability

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Sun Sep 1 14:03:22 EDT 2002

Yeah, graph/index seems broken for me. Are you sure that the complete 
compilable sources have actually been committed to the archive?

On the tagging, I think we should start tagging for version which has 
(a) new functionality from the last tagged version (b) is known to both 
compile and has been tested against the harness for its functionality.

Yury A. Bychkov wrote:

> One note though: I am not sure that the version you are experimenting on will
> compile even after you fix all incompatibilities. You should check out the
> current version. I've just tested it and it should compile (I haven't committed
> some of the incomplete files to ensure that). We also probably have to decide on
> how to indicate it in the future versions. I frequently check in  files that are
> incomplete (or have missing interdependencies) so that might be a common
> problem.

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