[geos-devel] Does geos handle 3d points

David Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Tue Apr 8 16:05:40 EDT 2003

The output of the included program is "geom = POINT (0.0000000000000000 
1.0000000000000000)".  Is the Z ordinate just not being printed or is it 

If its not being printed, then we should fix this.  Also, the 
WKTReader() should handle 3d points as well.

// g++ test2.cpp -I/usr/local/include/geos -lgeos

#include "stdio.h"
#include "io.h"

int main(int argC, char* argV[])

    Coordinate *c;
    GeometryFactory *geomFactory;
    Geometry *g ;

    geomFactory= new GeometryFactory( new PrecisionModel(), -1);
    c = new Coordinate(0,1,2);
    g= geomFactory->createPoint(*c);

    string s= g->toString();
    cout << "geom = "<<s;

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