[geos-devel] PostGIS-GEOS connection status

David Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Tue Apr 8 17:05:10 EDT 2003

I have a working version now!  I'll be commiting it to CVS after paul 
and I do a few things like updating the Makefile - hopefully tomorrow. 
Then we'll release it to people on this list to find out if there are 
any install problems.

0. The following operations are supported:  relate(g1,g2) (returns a 
string), relate_pattern(g1,g2,pattern), overlaps(g1,g2), 
contains(g1,g2), within(g1,g2), crosses(g1,g2), intersects(g1,g2), 
1. Since deleting a geometry will cause all geometry's (and the 
GeometryFactory's) PrecisionModel to become invalid, I dont delete 
anything.  So, this version leaks memory *very* quickly.  Once Yuri 
commits a fix, I'll have postgis do more cleaning.
2. If you try a relate operation on a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION, an error is 
3. I've tested this with the 400+ test cases included with GEOS.  This 
only tests relate(g1,g2), but I'm confident that the rest of the 
functions also work.


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