[geos-devel] GEOS on Solaris?!

Carsten Neumann CarstenNeumann at web.de
Sat Apr 12 07:04:21 EDT 2003


for an univerity project I'm using the GEOS library to test intersection of
polygons given in WKT-strings. But - while everything aparently works fine
on my LINUX-PC at home - it fails on solaris (identified by ./configure as
"sparc-sun-solaris2.8" )

Before compiling the sources I had to run these commands because ./configure
always stops in the directory source/examples (Makefile.in is missing) - on
both systems

cd geos
cp /usr/local/share/automake/depcomp .
autoconf             (version 2.52)
automake           (version 1.6.3)

Then it compiles successfully with:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/nexus
gmake install

But then on the solaris system all the tests shipped with the sources fail
with "segmentation fault". Except - and that might provide some clues - the
SimpleWKTTester. It works just fine, if there are only POINTs and no
complicated geometries (like Multipoint ..) in the WKTIn-File (so the
compilation is correct?)

Has anyone any ideas where the problem might be - are there bugs in the
library that are only showing on solaris (because of stricter testing
perhaps) - or are there mistakes in my configuration?

I would be happy for any help, answers, suggestions ...

Thanks ...

CarstenNeumann at web.de
University of Stuttgart, Germany

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