[geos-devel] Project Status: No more leaks !!!

Yury A. Bychkov me at yury.ca
Sat Aug 16 02:34:59 EDT 2003

Great news everybody. GEOS doesn't leak anymore. I've tested it using all 1525
test cases (including 'relate', 'valid' and 'overlay') that I have and haven't
detected a single leak. There are still some tests that have to be run and some
bugs to be fixed (mainly the ones reported by David recently), but that's about
it. All changes that I had to make didn't reduce the performance (actually I
think it even has improved somewhat).


P.S. The latest code has been committed to CVS.

P.P.S Latest test results (P4-2.53):

n Pts: 1000  Executed in     20 ms.
n Pts: 2000  Executed in     10 ms.
n Pts: 4000  Executed in     10 ms.
n Pts: 8000  Executed in     20 ms.
n Pts: 16000  Executed in     40 ms.
n Pts: 32000  Executed in     90 ms.
n Pts: 64000  Executed in    201 ms.
n Pts: 128000  Executed in    371 ms.
n Pts: 256000  Executed in    701 ms.
n Pts: 512000  Executed in   1502 ms.
n Pts: 1024000  Executed in   2684 ms.

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